What’s the difference between Indica and Sativa? Are the indoor and outdoor-grown Cannabis strains any different?

Are you that beginner in the Cannabis world who is confused about different strains? Well, we have got your back. Cannabis came into the spotlight because of its innumerable physical and psychological effects. A lot of research and case studies followed the popularity of Cannabis, resulting in the discovery of hundreds of strains. Now anyone who doesn't know which strain will fit him the best is rightfully startled. Let's start with the two primary strains and break them down one by one for complete understanding. Yes, this article will discuss all about Indica, Sativa, and the key features that isolate them from each other.

Sativa vs. Indica:

If you have already visited a Cannabis store, you must have noticed several Cannabis strains under three distinct categories, i.e., Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Most of the currently available sub-strains come under any of these strains depending on the effect and other properties. If you don't want to try all three to find the best one, read this till the end so that your first shot becomes the best one.

A General Concept:

Perfectly relaxing, sedating, best for the weekend night after a long tiring week! That's generally what comes up in a person's mind when he thinks of "Indica." On the other hand, Sativa strains are believed to be the best deal for a working person who wants Cannabis to get ready for the day in the morning. Yes, people generally take it as energizing and uplifting strain that is perfect for parties and creative projects. While we are concerned with these two strains, it is necessary to talk about the hybrid strain, which is nothing more than the combination of Indica and Sativa offering the properties of both. Some of the most famous strains are hybrid strains. The Gelato family of strains are all hybrids including classic favorites such as:

Nonetheless, it might amaze you that these strains are not “one size fits all” products, and thus the general effects might not be specific too. Being said that, Indica might not relax you, and Sativa is not energizing for everyone. The distinction between the two strains is more because of their roots and botany; effects have significantly less or nothing to do with it.

The ratio and type of different Cannabinoids and terpenes in a particular CBD hemp flower determines what it will make you feel.

If you are at a dispensary looking for the perfect hemp flower, here is all you need to consider to match the effects of CBD flowers with your need.

Indica and Sativa - History and Origin:

In this decade, it is no secret or high-profile information that Indica and Sativa came out from different Cannabis strains; Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. While Cannabis Indica is more intoxicating and its roots take us back to India, Sativa comes from Europe and Western Eurasia and is not psychoactive. Later on, the categories became more comprehensive, and now these terms indicate and categorize the following strains:

  • Sativa is the non-intoxicating Cannabis plant with long, narrow leaves, although the narrow-leaved Cannabis was originally Indica.
  • Indica plants have thick, broad leaves that deliver sedating effects.
  • Hemp is a non-psychoactive variety that is widely used for industrial purposes. That's what we originally called Cannabis Sativa.

Sativa hemp strains are the way much popular because of their non-intoxicating effects. Moreover, they don't have any significant risks, the most popular being the Strawberry Kush strain and Blueberry Pie strain.

Sativa and its Effects:

Are you ready to start your brand new project with a boosted focus and energy? Or is it about heading off on a trip to the North with friends? Sativa is what you need in your go-to products list. This Cannabis type grows well in hot, dry areas like Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Sativa buds help people with messed-up nerves and mental health conditions, i.e., anxiety, nausea, depression, headaches, etc.

It is notable to know that the Sativa strains are known to be energizing while they can be otherwise. Sativa is best for the daytime because of its uplifting effects and the ability to increase focus.

As described earlier, the euphoric, energetic, and uplifting effects of Sativa strains are noteworthy. That being said, they will help you get the chores done perfectly.

Popular CBD Flower UK (Sativa strains):

There are dozens of Sativa-dominant CBD hemp buds for sale in the United Kingdom. If you are confused regarding options, you may consider following Sativa strains for their popularity:

Indica and its Effects:

Indicas are famous for their ability to induce relaxation in the body. Known best for their stress and insomnia curbing properties, they might not always offer these effects. This Cannabis plant has its roots in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and India. They are fast-growing with abundant production as compared to its competitor, Sativa. Before hitting the hay, it is best to use its relaxation and calmness-inducing effects.

So Indica is your bet if you are looking forward to a product that’d help you get rid of fatigue caused by a tiring week.

Indicas help reduce nausea and pain; it also enhances appetite. They also have incredibly relaxing effects that are usually the most sought after.

Popular Indica-dominant CBD Flower UK:

Some high CBD flowers that are loved by the majority include the following:

  • Granddaddy purple
  • Hindu Kush
  • Afghan Kush

Which Strain is the best choice; Indica or Sativa?

Both CBD buds are best; however, what’s best for you depend on your situation and the effects you want. It is not a brilliant idea to consume Indicas in the morning, as you may face severe consequences at work. Likewise, Sativa might keep you awake at night, eventually making you exhausted.

However, you may go for hybrids if you want balanced effects. Furthermore, you may consider the reaction of your body to these strains and medical history to choose the best deal. If you are still unsatisfied, try talking to your physician or the person selling strains at the dispensary.

Difference between Indoor Grown and Outdoor Grown CBD strains:

While growing CBD outdoors is suitable for many people, most people prefer indoor-grown hemp. You might wonder about what difference does the plants' growth spots make. Well, not all strains grow indoors, and likewise, not all CBD flowers grow well outdoors. It is not just the spot of the plant, but the whole strain is different when you consider the difference in places where the plants are grown.

For example, Lemon Haze and Biscotti strains can be grown indoors. On the other hand, Gorilla Glue and Mango Kush love the outdoor environment. Let’s not forget strains like melonade strain, blueberry pie strain, and strawberry Kush strain that one can grow outdoors and indoors; it depends on the weather.  

Both growth methods have their pros and cons since there is always a lot of debate about what strains work the best. Initially, people used to grow CBD flowers outdoors as a custom, but sometimes the outdoor environment is too challenging for Cannabis seeds to grow properly. That's how people innovated growing CBD indoors and produced amazing results. Let’s look at how both these growth aspects make the outcomes different from each other.

The Climate Control:

Growing CBD flowers indoors means that you are in charge of all that the plant feels regarding climate. You can set up and gradually each and every factor that influences the growth, including temperature, light, fans, and watering (rain). You may even trick the plant into thinking that it’s fall and thus the tome to flower by controlling the light on and off-cycle. And surprisingly, the plant will bloom! That's how indoor-grown strains are fool-proof, and the addition of nutrients makes them the perfect choice for people who are looking for the best effects.

The same is the case with outdoor-grown plants kept under great control in a favourable climate. Usually, Mother Nature takes care of the baby plant in such a situation. However, it is inevitable to keep a check.


Growing outdoors may demand you to have a soil test to ensure that it is free of any herbicide and pesticide. As a fantastic remediator, Cannabis absorbs the soil matter so well, and any harmful particle may easily get into the plant.

However, we are aware of soil and any additives it contains if we grow the CBD hemp plant indoors. That’s why you may freely consume an indoor flower without worrying about inhaling some toxic or harmful substance with it. The outdoor grown plants have a greater ratio of bugs that might be there even when you are about to smoke since it’s not easy to eradicate them.

The Size of Plants:

Indoor CBD plants are usually shorter, and thus, it is easier to take care of each of them. The outdoor farms have increased the quantity and size of the plant. This factor makes it very difficult to take care of each plant when grown outdoors.

Therefore, you know that you are taking CBD flowers that have been adequately cared for. You may not claim the same when the plant you consider has been grown outdoors. Farmers might consider growing Cannabis on large acres to get maximal yield, ultimately compromising the quality. Ensure that the store you are buying from prefers quality over quantity before giving it your first shot. A few trials may also disclose this aspect.


The indoor grown plants are more likely to be harvested and dried at the same or nearby places. Thereby, the plants get dried in their most basic and pure form. When the Cannabis is grown outdoors, it might get contaminated while bringing it to the drying facility; it may even shed its extra trichomes, thus resulting in reduced flavor and effects.

Indoor grown Cannabis ensures more trichomes and hence more terpenes and CBD content. In conclusion, we can expect indoor-grown CBD flowers to have better flavor and quality than outdoor-grown plants.

Appearance and Physical Features:

The outdoor CBD plants like Mango Kush and Gorilla Glue are usually tall, darker in colour, and less dense with a strong earthy aroma. They are very tolerant and thus low-maintenance. If the farmer or cultivated is concerned about the quality of the plant, the outcomes can be jaw-dropping. Even the less dense plants can produce high-quality flowers that make Cannabis enthusiasts experience a highly enjoyable smoking experience.

With more dedicated cultivation, the terpenes' content can be enhanced to an amount equal to or comparable to that of indoor plants.

Indoor-grown CBD plants, i.e., Lemon Haze strain, are usually of small height and thus, easily adjust indoors. They have a strong flavour, smell, excellent density, and abundant trichomes. Great care is needed that may maximize the genetic potential of the plant. Indoor plants yield more flowers, and thus they are a complete package if the proper care is taken.

Pros of Indoor and Outdoor Grown CBD Flowers:

Indoor hemp plants are rich in resin and thus provide the best aroma and flavour. The trichome buds are dense. On the other hand, Outdoor plants are low maintenance and save cost. The adequate sunlight keeps them growing well without any extra struggle. They help develop a sustainable environment with a lesser carbon footprint. High CBD content adds more value to the plants growing outdoors.

Cons of Indoor and Outdoor Grown Hemp Flowers:

Growing hemp flowers indoors costs a lot because the cultivator needs to provide proper conditions artificially; he needs to get specific gadgets for maximal growth. Artificial lights keep plants away from the natural sunlight, and the carbon footprint is relatively high.

Outdoor flowers have less resin, and they may not be as flavourful as indoor flowers. It is because plants cultivation is not controlled and may lead to the shedding of buds when transported.


Not all indoor-grown flowers are best, and not outdoor-grown flowers are low-quality. It largely depends on various other factors. Try to get indoor-grown hemp flowers from a reliable seller to reap the best.  


Here at Fortune Flavours, we sell the best CBD Flowers in the UK, sourced from premium indoor growers in Switzerland. We do all the hard work of finding the best hemp flowers, so you can just sit back, roll up, and enjoy them!





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