Can you Smoke Hemp? Is it a Good Way to Consume CBD?

Can you smoke hemp flower? The question we’re asking is, can you smoke hemp and what does smoking hemp do? When we ta...

The Complete Guide to CBD

With the array of CBD products on the market, choosing the best possible option can be a little daunting. Whether you...

Can CBD Oil Be Used for Anxiety?

Does CBD really work for anxiety? The number of people experiencing anxiety in the UK has risen drastically over the...

How to Take CBD: A CBD Oil & Flower Guide for Beginners

By 2025, experts believe that the UK CBD market will be worth a whopping one billion pounds (at least). But with so m...

Best Desktop Dry Herb Vaporisers

Desktop vaporisers are vaporisers that you keep in your home to vaporise any smokable dried herb as an alternative t...

Cannabis Terpenes and the "Entourage Effect"

It is becoming increasingly common to hear people talk about cannabis’ ‘entourage effect’. However, many don’t unders...

Does CBD Help You Relax?

People use CBD fower to relax all the time. It can be a very health-giving, anxiety reducing ingredient that improves people's mental state and reduces stress.

CBD For Pain: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Muscle Aches

Anecdotal evidence shows that CBD For Pain could be an excellent way to deal with aches. This is mostly due to its a...

CBD Flower For Sleep & Insomnia: Are CBD Strains the answer?

Could CBD flower be the supplement you need to get a better night’s sleep? Research has indicated that it just might...

Vaping vs. Smoking CBD Flower: Which One is Better?

Vaping CBD Oil vs. smoking CBD Flower; what are the facts, the benefits, and the disadvantages to consuming CBD flower this way?

CBD Flowers: Does It have THC? And Its Usage

Today We'll Talk about whether CBD Flowers Contain THC.

Using CBD for Focus, Stress and Anxiety. Can It Help?

Let's talk about how CBD can help you with Focus, Stress and Anxiety.
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