CBD Drug Test in The UK: THC, Weed, Hemp & Cannabis

This article includes information about how CBD drug test works and what to watch out for.

Whether you are taking Cannabidiol as a medicine or as a health supplement, the last thing you want to do to test positive for an illegal substance in a drug test. Whether your job does randomised drug tests or you just want to be safe, here's what to expect. This information will give you peace of mind, before taking any CBD product.

Will CBD ruin a drug test?

Cannabidiol won’t make you fail a drug test because there is no such thing as a CBD drug testing in the UK. CBD is legal in the UK and you will not be tested for it. But that does not mean that you are in the clear.

CBD is derived from cannabis which is illegal in the UK. While there may not be drug testing, there is a cannabis drug test. However, CBD consumption will not get you 'high'.

THC, like CBD, is a cannabinoid present in cannabis. However, THC is the intoxicating constituent of cannabis, used for its ability to get the user ‘high’.

Consequently, THC is illegal. Cannabis drug testing in the UK tests for the presence of THC. So, if your CBD Flower has no THC in it, you won’t fail.

CBD Drug Test : WHO

How do drug tests check for cannabis?

Different types of cannabis drug testing will have different thresholds for the amount of THC that they can detect. You are most likely to receive a cannabis test, but you could also be tested for the presence of THC in your saliva, sweat, hair or blood.

Drugs are present in a urine test for up to 4 days following last usage for most narcotics. However, cannabis is metabolised relatively slowly, and the detection time is for up to two weeks with heavy use by users. As well as cannabis, most urine drug tests will also detect cocaine, amphetamines, opiates and benzodiazepines.

UK drug testing

According to drug-testing companies, drug tests are becoming more and more common in the UK. This is especially true in a number of workplaces.

If you work in areas such as transportation or emergency services, it's likely that you've been subject to testing substance abuse more than once in your career. With this happening more and more frequently, what does it mean for Cannabidiol enthusiasts?

Does your daily CBD dosage mean you'll fail your next drug test? Fear not; we're here to answer any questions you may have.

How can I pass a THC Drug test?

To pass a THC test, you must have less than 50 ng/mL of THC present in your urine. This means you would have to consume upwards of 2 g of CBD product with 0.2% THC to even be remotely close to failing. Considering this is 1000 times greater than the average user’s daily dose, people consuming Cannabidiol normally have nothing to worry about.

Weed drug test

There are a number of ways that you can be tested for cannabis. Saliva test are by far the most popular these days. This is due to its ease, and its quick results. It's also a non-invasive way to test an individual for THC consumption.

However, other methods are also utilised. These include:

  • Hair analysis, where a sample of your hair is taken at the root. This sample is then tested for the presence of THC, among other drugs.
  • Urine testing, where subjects are required to provide a urine sample. This sample is tested for the presence of THC. However, urine testing can also come with a remarkably high rate of false positives. For this reason, it's fairly unpopular.
  • Blood testing, where a blood sample is drawn. This is deemed to be the most accurate form of testing. Apparently, through blood tests, THC can be detected in the system as early as six hours after consumption.

We should also mention that there are other forms of drug testing. However, these are -- by far -- the most common methods.

Does CBD show up on a blood test?

Earlier, we mentioned that CBD is the most accurate form of testing. Based on this, you might be wondering if CBD shows up on a blood test.

The short answer is no, it doesn't. Given that CBD is a legal substance in the UK, it will not show up on any sort of drug test whether you use oils or any type of edibles such as gummy bears. This includes blood tests.

That being said, THC can still cause a failed test, so be especially careful when consuming CBD products.

Does CBD show up on a hair follicle test?

As previously mentioned, CBD is completely legal in the UK. Therefore, it should not show up on a hair follicle test. If you consume a form of CBD that's completely free from THC, you should be in the clear.

How Long Does CBD stay in Urine?

With the variety of drug testing options available, you might be subjected to a urine test. Cannabis urine tests utilize a rapid-test system. This means that you could have your results in a matter of minutes.

However, don't let this scare you. Most cannabis tests are used to detect the presence of THC in your system. Therefore, if you consume a reliable form of CBD, from a reputable manufacturer, you should have nothing to fear.

When in doubt, opt for a form of Cannabidiol made with CBD isolate before your test. This will ensure that you pass the CBD drug testing, as CBD isolate contains no THC at all.

Police tests in the UK

Police in the UK can now subject individuals to roadside tests. This usually involves a saliva test, where people are generally tested for cannabis and cocaine. However, CBD enthusiasts should have nothing to fear.

Given that CBD is a legal substance in the UK, it will not show up on the results. This should allow you to walk away from the police, free and clear.

That being said, it's important to note that THC can show up on these tests. Drivers who test positive for THC consumption could lose their driving license, or be penalised with a fine. This could also result in a mark on your permanent record.

Therefore, to avoid this, always make sure that you're consuming CBD from a reputable source.

How long do police drug test results take?

After undergoing a police drug test, it can be tempting to get in touch with the attending officer as soon as possible. However, we would encourage you to refrain from doing this.

Generally, results can take up to eight weeks to process, so we'd recommend keeping calm until then. Sometimes, results can arrive sooner than that, or they can take a little longer.

Usually, your attending officer will be in contact. If this doesn't happen, feel free to get in contact with your local police department.

That being said, if you're subjected to a saliva drug test, results can be determined immediately.

How can I pass a police saliva drug test?

The easiest way to pass a CBD saliva test is to make sure you're not consuming any THC. However, saliva tests only work within a short window of time.

In fact, passing a saliva drug test is easy, if you know that you'll be subjected to one in advance. Saliva testing only works within a short time frame. Therefore, if you refrain from consuming any cannabidiol for about a week, there's a high possibility that you'll pass the test.

Do all CBD oils and flowers contain THC?

Most people are under the impression that all CBD oil and flowers are free of THC. However, this is incorrect, products should have independent COA’s which declare themselves to be THC-free. The source of the cannabis used to make the CBD oil and how the buds are processed strongly dictates how much THC is present in the oil.

Marijuana and hemp are both varieties of cannabis. The difference between the two is how much THC is present:

  • Marijuana - Cannabis that contains more than 0.2% THC;
  • Hemp - Cannabis that contains less than 0.2% THC.

CBD extracted from marijuana is illegal in the UK and should be avoided if you do not wish to fail a drug test. CBD extracted from hemp can fall into two categories: -

  • Full-spectrum - The Cannabidiol is extracted along with all of the other cannabinoids present in hemp, including THC.
  • CBD isolate (Pure CBD)- The CBD has been extracted and separated from THC, so it is the only cannabinoid present.

The only sure-fire way to not fail a test such as a full-spectrum test is through consuming CBD isolate or pure CBD, although it is still extremely unlikely to fail with full-spectrum CBD oil.

Can you prove you have taken CBD Flower and not marijuana?

If you keep the receipt, the box the CBD oil or CBD flower came in, and even keep your statement from the bank showing the purchase, you can prove that you are consuming CBD Flower and not getting high while consuming cannabis.

3 reasons CBD oil can make you fail a drug test

There are 3 main reasons why consuming CBD oil could still result in a failed drug test: -

  • Using CBD oil with too high THC
  • Accidental THC contamination
  • Exposure to THC from secondhand smoke 

All Fortune Flavours Flowers come with full testing and certification to show the low levels of THC and the high levels of CBD to ensure you remain within the UK guidelines!

CBD oil with THC

A misconception exists that CBD products can contain THC up to 0.2%, but this is untrue. No amount of THC is legal at all. Because of this, people are happy to purchase products that claim it has THC in, thinking they are acting within the confines of the law when they are not.

Accidental THC contamination

Contamination is more common in dispensaries where cannabis is legal, so shouldn’t be a problem for cannabis testing in the UK. It occurs when cross-contamination occurs between THC oils and CBD oils extracted within the same laboratory or sold in the same dispensary.

Exposure to THC from secondhand smoke

Being inadvertently exposed to THC by being around people who consume marijuana regularly. More likely to be picked up on a hair test rather than urine or blood, this can still cause a false positive on a drug test.

What can make CBD drug tests show up positive?

Earlier, we discussed how using CBD oil could result in a positive drug test. However, there are a number of other factors that could cause a positive test.

For example, there are a number of prescription medications that can cause a false positive. These include, but aren't limited to:

  • Tramadol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Metformin
  • Sertraline

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Consider making an appointment with your doctor, to discuss cutting down on these forms of medication just before your testing.

There are also certain forms of food that can cause a false positive. For example, poppy seeds, in relatively high doses, could potentially make you test positive for opioids.

This can also happen with quinine, which is present in tonic water. That being said, these foods are relatively easy to cut out, before undergoing a CBD drug test.

How long will CBD Oil stay in the body?

If you are regularly consuming an average amount of CBD (between 20 - 100 mg) per day, all traces of cannabinoids will be out of your system after a week, apart from in your hair where it could be present up to 3 months. However, hair tests are very uncommon.

If you have a drug test impending and you wish to be 100% certain that CBD oil won’t make you fail it, you can avoid CBD products for a week before the test date and you will not fail. Sometimes, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you're wondering how much cannabidiol to take check out our guide on the perfect CBD oil dosage

CBD Dosage

Key takeaways

Although there is a lot of information in the article, the key point to take away is to not worry if you are taking regular amounts of CBD and you have a drug test coming up. For those who do worry, there are extra precautions you can take, such as choosing CBD isolate or refraining from taking CBD oil up to a week before the test.

Buying CBD oil as a consumer from trusted vendors who can produce 3rd-party test results will also go a long way to ensuring your product is what it says it is.


Check out our Ultimate Guide to CBD Flowers.

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