Which CBD Flower Strain Should I Try?

Cannabis has proved to be rightfully under the spotlight with its limitless therapeutic effects. Cannabis comes in various strains; one may choose a strain according to his needs and demands. While one strain is perfect for dealing with anxiety, the other strain works best against the pain and sleep issues. Thus, if you are suffering from any problem that Cannabis claims to treat, you must check out the Cannabis strain that will work best for it.

Fortune Flavours has come up with several strains and offers a number of CBD flowers that may help you with your different needs. Let’s take into account various Cannabis strains and when you can take them.

·      Gelato Strain CBD Flower:

Gelato#41 or UK Gelato is a very balanced strain that is the perfect mix of Sunset Sherbet strain with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strain. Its flavour and aroma hint towards a touch of sweet, creamy fruits.

Its effects have dominant Indica-like properties. Besides relaxing the mind and inducing complete body relaxation, it treats acute pain, increases appetite, and eradicates nausea. Being Indica dominant, it has more relaxing rather than energizing properties. It eliminates the root causes of various disorders by alleviating the symptoms of stress and anxiety; these disorders include muscular inflammation, muscular spasm, severe headache, generalized body pain, and chronic pain.

·      Harlequin:

Harlequin is one of the most loved strains because of its Sativa-dominant effects. It has cerebral effects and helps you get ready for a task demands focus and resilience. It is a blend of Nepali Indica, Colombian Gold, Swiss Landrace, and Thai strains. Its taste and aroma range from sweet mango to earthy musk tones, spicy to herbal tones.

It helps a person be clear-headed and focused. Besides these effects, it treats pain and anxiety without causing any intoxicating effects. It even counteracts the paranoia caused by THC.

·      Biscotti Strain CBD Flower:

Biscotti Strain is a mixture of Classic Gelato#25 with South Florida OG and Girl Scout Cookies. It is an Indica-dominant strain with whole-body effects. Whether it is about taste, results, or aroma, you will find Biscotti perfect in all aspects.

The effects of Biscotti are very soothing as it is an Indica-dominant strain. Its action against anxiety, sleep issues, and mild discomfort is worth-noticing. It is perfect for anyone tired of using conventional medicines for his mental health issues. It has a unique sweet cookie taste with a spicy end-feel.

Their particular feature is a bright white crystal trichome on olive green buds with long dark orange hair.

·      Super Sour Diesel:

Super soul diesel has a mouth-watering taste, and it is a mixture of sour diesel and silver haze. It has a flavour and aroma of pepper and citrus fruits on an odd fuel-like note. It is a Sativa-dominant strain with all the generalized energizing and uplifting properties. It has strong cerebral effects, and it even subsides issues like migraine and arthritis.

It has citrus inhale that leaves a sweet, tangy flavour on the tongue during exhalation.

·      Banana Kush Strain:

A combination of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze, Banana Kush is an Indica-dominant strain. This strain has solid relaxing effects; it imparts a mellow buzz with smooth euphoria. Thus, it helps people with stressful and anxious situations. It also has a high concentration of Sativa strain; therefore, it aids creative thinking and allows socially awkward people to talk comfortably in social settings.

Its taste and aroma indicate Banana-like tones.

·      Cookie Monster Strain:

Girls Scout Cookies and Granddaddy purple strains combine to make the Cookie Monster strain. Their taste and aroma are that of strong earthy notes layered with a sweet fruity tint. The Indica-dominant full-body effects make sure to induce relaxation and soothe a mind with messed up thoughts that lead to overthinking and thus depression.

It is a perfect pick for those who want to get rid of anxiety and other mental health issues to focus correctly at work. It puts their minds in a tranquillity that helps them be more creative and productive. Cookie Monster puts an insomniac person to sleep through the same relaxing effect on the mind. Now you know why it is named Cookie Monster?

·      Peach Cobbler Strain:

Let’s discuss a fantastic combination of Peach Kush and Sour Diesel now. You guessed it right. It is the Peach Cobbler strain that has distinct Indica-like effects. It is particularly famous for its instant induction of calmness and relaxation.

Do you know the aroma of flowers turning into fruits in summer? That’s precisely what Peach Cobbler strain smells like. As the name indicates, the dominant fruity, especially peach-like aroma, and the taste can’t be overlooked. Peach Kush and Sour diesel combo impart a sweet aroma that ends on a skunky note.

Its buds are hard and try; however, the shiny leaves are glazed with a mesmerizing pink tint.

·      Lemon Haze UK Strain:

Lemon Haze UK is all about the Sativa-dominant effects of Cannabis. It is a hybrid of Pungent Lemon Skunk and Potent Silver Haze. It is one of the most popular CBD strains in the UK because of its ability to induce long-lasting effects. It gives away the combined results of relaxation and focus. It offers a distinct cerebral high if you want to hang out with friends or be creative at work; you can always go for the Lemon Haze strain.

It is an attractive multicolour bud with fluffy and cloudy density. Orange threads running down the buds make them more appealing.

The Lemon Haze strain has a firm terpene profile and, thus, strong flavours and aroma. You can take a hint from its name that it has a sour undertone; whatsoever, this sour undertone is much neutralized by the flavour of Silver Haze. It has quite a tart and sour Lemon Haze; however, it is not as strong as lemon itself.

·      OG Kush:

OG Kush is commonly known as "Kush"; Lemon Thai, Hindu Kush, and Chemdawg are combined to form the fantastic OG Kush strain. It is one of the most welcomed strains worldwide because of its balanced effects. It has a mid-high THC level, and one may feel relaxed and clear-headed at the same time. These buds provide wonderful sight through their shiny resin-coated trichomes that are sparkling, white gold, and tiny; they are dark green and shaped like grape clusters.

OG Kush is rich in trichomes, and hence, it imparts a strong flavour and aroma of linalool, lavender, and earthy scent. If there is one phrase that can conclude all about OG Kush is, "No one wants to miss on it."

·      Strawberry Kush Strain:

Strawberry Kush Strain is prevalent among people because of its heavenly flavour. Its densely packed trichomes do complete justice to its name by providing a sweet flavour related to Strawberry. It gives off a sweet taste with a sharp finishing tone.

It has a very dense terpenes profile, and hence one experiences a sweet but berry-like solid aroma that leaves people awestruck.

It has balanced Sativa and Indica effects, with Sativa effects a bit dominant from the other. These aromatic buds impart relaxation with energizing effects. You may mix it with Marijuana Kush any time to get an even denser terpenes supply. It is famous for a reason, and you must check it for yourself at least once in life.

·      Amber Kush:

Pot of Gold and Lemon Skunk from Las Vegas combine to bring up Amber Kuhs. This strain induces a unique cerebral high that delivers calming and relaxing effects in case of anxiety and stress.

It is also rich in terpenes and thus flaunts its fruity flavours that hint towards lime and fresh lemon with notes of orange flavour.

·      Blueberry Pie Strain:

Blueberry Pie Strain, a combination of Blue Dream and Girls Scout Cookies, is every CBD enthusiast's dream. It is an Indica-dominant CBD strain with beautiful Emerald Green buds shaped like Christmas trees and orange thread-like hairs curling around the cone.

It is not intoxicating and famous for its relaxing effects that influence the whole body. You may not get the intense aroma you expect from blueberry, but it may always give off a scent like blueberry being baked in the oven. However, you can experience a heavenly vanilla-like fragrance when you break open the bud; however, it presents dessert undertones. It has high CBD content, making it a perfect choice for people who don't want to experience Cannabis-related highs.

·      Gorilla Glue CBD Strain:

Gorilla Glue is a Sativa-dominant bud with a high THC content. It combines Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubble, and Chem's Sister. It has got a perfect name since it makes people stick to it because of its wonderful effects in no time. The THC content in Gorilla Glue CBD strains is relatively lesser, and thus you may go for it if you want to avoid a THC-induced high. Gorilla Glue CBD strain offers an uplifting and relaxing experience.

Gorilla Glue smells like sour apple taste with chocolate and gasoline undertones. It has a highly spicy aroma with earthy and woody notes with a hint of pine trees' scent.

·      Melonade Strain:

Melonade strain develops when the Lemon tree (Lemon Zkittlez) with Melonade Zkittlez. The Melonade buds are fluffy and light-textured with purple flecks.

This strain has high CBD content, and thus you may feel the effects appear instantly after ingestion.

It has a sweet and citrusy aroma; you get it from the original strains. Lemon Zkittlez offers a sour and citrusy flavour and aroma that is perfectly balanced out by the melon-like Melonade strain.

It is a Sativa-dominant strain that uplifts you and promises to knock off your anxiety and sharpen your creativity and ideas while clearing your mind.

·      Amnesia Haze Strain:

Amnesia Haze comes from the landrace strains. It is a dominant Sativa strain that offers clean high effects with almost no side effects. Its flavour is rich and refreshing with a hint of lemon, citrus fruits, pine trees, and earth.

If you have anxiety, fatigue, or lack of appetite, Amnesia Haze is what you are looking for! It has distinct Sativa properties and thus energizes consumers while imparting a sense of euphoria. It has 20% Indica-based effects that deal with anxiety and relaxation issues.

·      White Widow Strains:

White Widow CBD has more Indica concentration, but the effects are balanced between Indica and Sativa. It is known for its combined energizing and relaxing effects. You may use it during the daytime since it will clear your head without making you feel sleepy.

It may even help you with insomnia by eradicating stress if your lack of sleep is stress-based. It also allows people who want to combat chronic pain, nausea, and loss of appetite. In short, it is the best pick for a busy and hectic day.

Which Strains are best for Anxiety?

Anxiety can be terrible, especially when you face acute attacks now and then. It is the most widespread mental health issue, especially among youth. Cannabis is particularly famous for its action against anxiety, and certain strains, i.e., Indica-dominant strains, are best if you want to get rid of stress. Best CBD strains for anxiety include Melonade strain, Amnesia Haze strain, Amber Kush, Cookie Monster Strain, Biscotti strain, Gelato strain, etc.

Which Strains are best for Pain?

Pain issues may be irritating, especially when it is a deep pain of neuropathic origin. One best way to get rid of chronic pain that keeps you up at night is to choose the strains that focus on treating your pain with soothing effects. You may consider Charlotte’s Web, Gelato Strain, Harlequin, White Widow Strain, etc.

Which Strains are best for Creativity?

We don't feel like working or are not productive enough even when we do. A few CBD strains help us through such phases as Cookie Monster strain, Banana Kush strain, Melonade strain, purple Haze, CBD Sour Tangie, etc.


No matter which strains you buy and what effects you seek, ensure you buy from an authentic place like Fortune Flavours. Fortune Flavours sources its strains EU compliant and non-psychoactive Swiss, producers. You may combine their multiple strains to experience a variety of effects. If you still have some doubts, visit our CBD Flower Shop today and see for yourself!






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