Why is CBD so popular?

Have a look at the scope of CBD in this era. You will hardly be able to find a company that can't use CBD in its products. Many companies have experienced a considerable profit by adding CBD to their production. Before we look at the factors that have made CBD so popular, it is essential to know what CBD is.

Cannabidiol, which we commonly call CBD, is one out of hundreds of extracts from the Cannabis plant (particularly hemp). Research and reports have been showing how CBD can miraculously serve as a significant ingredient in one's therapeutic regime. Moreover, its non-psychoactive and non-risky nature is yet another bonus point.

CBD has been in hot waters because of its association and common origin with Marijuana. Although a small section of people still has a lot to say against it, the research has turned the tables in its favour. Many manufacturers are now in a race to produce the best out of this sudden rising interest in CBD. All this chaos and competition only gives more hype to the CBD and the added benefits for Cannabis enthusiasts. Do you wonder why people are crazy about CBD despite the fact that the research on this product doesn't seem to complete any sooner? We have got your back! This article will discuss the causes behind the popularity of CBD and what makes it so unique.

Is CBD worth the hype?

CBD has been used for centuries before coming into notice. However, it is now said to relieve pain, PTSD, and other mental disorders after its discovery and isolation. It is the focus of many studies because of its non-intoxicating nature.

Because of many reports, it appeals to people who have been taking conventional medicines for their chronic pain and psychological health issues for years.

Let’s look at some other potential positive aspects of CBD.

·      CBD; a “natural” product:

A product automatically appeals to us and sounds to be a lot safer as soon as we hear that it's "natural" or "organic." Such products are pure bliss from nature, and CBD is one of them. Human beings come from nature, and thus, they naturally avoid things that involve a lot of processing and additives. Many highly processed products with certain additives don’t go well with the natural human system.

As soon as extracted from hemp and not synthesized artificially, CBD is 100% natural. Hence, such a pure CBD serves people's interests in seeking natural help for their issues. 

The FDA has still not declared it safe or effective, but its approval of the CBD-based anti-epileptic drug Epidiolex says a lot about the product's safety. One may also test a little bit of CBD product before kicking off the proper consumption to check if it suits his system. Consumers have not reported any detrimental effects or safety concerns so far; that's why it is considered risk-free in the Cannabis community.

·      Scientifically backed and consumers’ reported health benefits:

Here comes that "showstopper" effect of CBD that has left the world stunned. Name a physiological psychological and watch CBD show up, positively impacting that. Isn't that amazing?

More scientists and researchers turned towards CBD when FDA approved a CBD-based drug, Epidiolex, to treat the people who have Epilepsy. Its effect on epileptic patients indicated its influence on nerves. CBD’s ameliorating effect against anxiety is one of the mass-reported effects that surfaced even before CBD became popular. Right now, every other person you meet I struggling through different phases and issues of life. While therapy is essential for every mental health patient, CBD came up as a product that provided relief from such problems.

All these psychological effects may be linked to the calming effects of CBD on nerves that promote good sleep and better focus.

A study even talked about its effect on hypertension and increased heart rate, which is yet again associated with a generalized calm feeling.

Arthritis is another painful inflammatory condition that CBD caters to very well. Scientists conducted a study on rats, which further strengthened the hypothesis of its action against inflammation. Calming nerves may help with chronic neurological pain. Besides neurological pain, it acts as a pain-killer for a broad spectrum of pain through several mechanisms.

More research and accurate reports are needed for long-term conclusive evidence. Nonetheless, we are sure that CBD has helped human beings with their health like nothing before.

·      Self-regulation of CBD:

Although the FDA regulates many products, we are never sure about dietary supplements. It is because the nutritional supplements are the umbrella of products that come under the FDA doesn’t regulate.

However, CBD vendors took it as a great opportunity and regulated their CBD products when the competition intensified. Each company now conducts various lab tests that they can provide to a customer for his satisfaction.

Thus, we can say that self-regulation has made it very convenient for customers to find a quality products. It has motivated many to start their CBD journey, which they will cherish forever.

·      Effectiveness of CBD:

While scientists are still debating how effective Cannabis can be, it has received an overwhelming response from consumers. People are raving about its effects even though the amount of research is not adequate yet.

CBD is a highly growing industry, and the experts predict that it will boost sales and profits even more at higher rates in the coming years. Meet a Cannabis consumer, and he will have a lot to tell you about CBD has changed his life for good. Despite all these points that back up CBD's hype, you have to check it for yourself before coming to a conclusion.

However, you must have a realistic factor in mind before starting your CBD journey. Some bodies might be less sensitive to CBD than others, making later totally irresponsive to CBD at times. Besides the body mechanisms, your condition's severity and body dynamics also guide the effectiveness. Furthermore, there might be a few more factors that must keep your approach realistic.

·      Association with Cannabis:

Whether good or bad, CBD can’t be dissociated from Cannabis. Its association with Cannabis raised particular concerns regarding its psychoactive nature, but they couldn't stay long against the facts.

Cannabis enthusiasts welcomed CBD with open arms since the idea of reaping the Cannabis-based effects without getting high was too amusing to hold back for a long time.

Although some people still suspect it to be intoxicating, which has resulted in delayed legalization in some states, CBD has not shown any such effect. With more and more reports coming in favour of CBD’s non-psychoactive nature, many states and regions are considering at least its medical legalization.

It is postulated that it may not have been so popular if it had no connection with Cannabis. Therefore, we can say that the wrong picture of Cannabis has created hype around a not-so-bad Cannabis-based product.

·      A lot more Space for New Research:

Human beings have a suspicious nature. They tend to seek what they don’t know, and this nature has led to the emergence of a different field that we now know as research. We see a lot of shifts in the inclination and trends of medical researchers. Scientific research has undergone a drastic evolution from researching new synthetic medicines to finding cures in plant-based medicines.

If we talk about Cannabis, we can say that the research will bring out only other aspects of Cannabis for the next few years. There is no chance that the research on CBD will be completed any time soon.

The evidence is continuously going in favour of CBD, especially since the Epidiolex got approval. The doctors who used to run away even from the name of CBD now prescribe and highly recommend it. Well, that’s pretty much what the awareness followed by the research does.

There are now emerging specialization disciplines in medical, law, agriculture, etc., that primarily focus on people to make them Cannabis experts. The ongoing research is much more likely to open gateways for more development and progress.

·      The room for innovation:

You say “CBD”; I hear "innovation." People remember a product as far as it keeps on serving their interests, and CBD doesn't seem to stop helping people anytime in future. Companies are coming up with innovative CBD products every day to keep people attracted to this miraculous product unless another better ingredient comes up. However, no element can replace CBD. Manufacturers keep adding more to it so that customers just seek the enhanced benefits.

For example, you may now find CBD infused with melatonin for an enhanced sleeping experience. Companies now add up other minor Cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, etc., to CBD products to make them more effective. You may find some great formulas at dedicated shops like Fortune Flavours.

Companies have induced improvements in their extraction and manufacturing processes to intensify CBD's effects further. A whole book can come out if we talk about the innovations taking place in the CBD industry by manufacturers to beat the competition.

·      A wide variety to choose from:

So you don't like the "earthy" taste of CBD oil? No worries! CBD gummies will help you out. That's yet another bonus point of CBD. It keeps on changing shape to serve you with what suits you the best eventually. Let us explain how it works.

For example, some people are intolerant to any sort of smoke, and hence CBD smoking doesn't work for them. Some people's stomachs don't have the ability to fully digest CBD oil, while the others' skin might be allergic to CBD or any other oil. In all these cases, CBD has an alternative. A person with allergy-prone lungs can go for edible CBD products. Anyone with an upset stomach may take advantage of CBD tinctures or sublingual CBD products. People who want localized effects can use topical CBD products.

There's still more to come as companies burn the midnight oil to bring innovative products to market. Besides the different forms, there are now different types of CBD, i.e., Full-spectrum, CBD isolate, and Broad-spectrum, that appeal to a broader consumers base.

·      A Safer Substance:

People who have been suffering from chronic pain and other mental health issues for decades are tired of long-term medications. A major setback of these conventional medicines is their long-term adverse effects that sometimes lead people to grave. The idea of having an ingredient that deals with most physiological and psychological issues without posing the body with any significant risk or adverse effect. Consumers have ever reported no CBD overdose effects, and thus, CBD has surfaced as an excellent risk-free product that has attracted the masses.

·      A versatile Substance:

People usually have great insecurities towards the products that claim to treat many issues. The same concerns made it to reports when CBD’s several effects were claimed. However, CBD actually proved to be the “jack of all the trades.”

When you take CBD for your neurological issues, you might expect a generalized improvement in your blood pressure, focus, inflammation, pain, and sleep issues. Thus, it's a complete "buy one, get ten" package.

·      Low Cost:

People with chronic diseases spend hundreds of dollars on their medicines monthly. Surprisingly, CBD costs much lesser than conventional medicines despite all these benefits. People who don't have health insurance or work day and night to earn some dollars have CBD as the best gift from nature for their physiological and psychological issues.

Even a high profile medicine for an ailment like Epilepsy costs about $35000 yearly. 

·      Easy Access:

When CBD is legal in many regions, there is no need to find secret loopholes to access CBD. Now CBD is available in many physical dispensaries and online outlets. You aren't supposed to do a lot of struggle to find CBD if your Government allows its consumption.

Online CBD shops like fortune flavours offer a lot of high-quality CBD-based products. If you have decided to reap the benefits of this popular substance, order right away!


All we discussed in this article is just the tip of the iceberg. However, it is enough to support the CBD's popularity. We recommend you try this product at least once in life as we don't want you to miss out on nature's goodness.


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