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Fortune Flavours produces and supplies premium quality CBD hash which is only available at our online store. It is made from the purest form of cannabis extract and it's quickly becoming a popular alternative to other methods of activating CBD.


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What is CBD Hash?

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CBD Hashish - A Premium CBD Product

Sweet and creamy taste with premium quality CBD hash. It is made from the natural extract of cannabinoid resins, with various doses according to your need. A small dose of CBD for beginners and a large dose for the quality consumers....

Taste that melts down your heart

Their texture and smell are soothing for the eyes and nose to smell. It gives the taste of heaven with a sweet and creamy taste and various flavors like chocolate, fruit, etc. Not only the delicious and relaxing flavor of marijuana but also its CBD content. Our hemp hash is designed to replicate the flavors, effects, and consistency of high-quality marijuana without any THC or psychoactive properties.

Never compromise with quality

Our CBD hash is naturally extracted and lab-tested pesticide and herbicide-free products. It is purely vegan and non-GMO. CBD hashish has zero narcotic effects on the body. It is a UK government-certified product and the concentration of CBD, THC, and CBG comes under the rules and regulations of the government. It is made up of naturally grown cannabinoid flowers. It is the purest and mainly used CBD product. The pureness of this product comes through in its flavor profile as well as its effect which are similar to other cannabis products but more gentle on the body.

Why do we stand out from others?

This CBD Hash is one of our premium formulations, carefully crafted with a blend of superfoods, undemanding cannabis strains, and our mouthwatering terpenes.

It gives extraordinary taste, fragrance, and deep relaxation. CBD hash is the best product for weekends or the end of the day to relax and take your mind into your comfort zone. And a great effect on patients suffering from epilepsy, cancer, and other condition because it contains low THC levels.

CBD hash is the third wave of cannabinoids and becoming popular in the UK. it has more CBD content compared to CBD oil.

Our products will be delivered quickly to your location with great packaging and condition. And we never compromise with the quality and quantity of our product.

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