Can you Smoke Hemp? Is it a Good Way to Consume CBD?

Can you smoke hemp flower? The question we’re asking is, can you smoke hemp, and what does smoking hemp do? When we talk about the extract cannabidiol (CBD) in its different forms, we’re usually talking about a compound that has been extracted from the hemp plant. Not to be mixed up with the other famous ‘intoxicating’ cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that people smoke marijuana bud for. It’s not as common to hear about people smoking CBD. However, it is becoming more popular. Let’s explore how and why.

So how do people smoke CBD? Well, there are lots of ways. You could vape cannabis concentrate or distillate, use a pipe and of course you could simply choose the age-old custom of smoking hemp. This practice is as old as time and people have always found it very beneficial. It’s usually the oldest customs and practices that have stood the test of time that will do you the most good.

Hemp is one of the oldest agricultural crops in the world. It has so many uses in fuel, in industry, in textiles and in food products. It’s also a very sustainable and easily cultivated crop. In addition, to all these points in its favour; it’s the plant that brings us the hugely beneficial and healthful compound CBD.

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Smoking Hemp

Smoking, of course, is not usually considered a healthy habit. Whereas hemp is widely believed to have many health-giving properties. So it could seem like a contradiction in type, but there are legitimate benefits in choosing to consume CBD in this manner. Just to mention a few things which we’ll expand on later. Smoking hemp is not as damaging or carcinogenic as smoking nicotine. It’s definitely a much healthier choice than tobacco. It’s also the fastest and most deeply absorbed way to feel the effects of CBD.

The health profile of smoking cannabis, as opposed to nicotine, is actually something that has begun to be studied. One study set out to prove that moderate consumption of both cannabis and marijuana strains does not adversely affect lung condition too much. This study may help answer the question; can you smoke hemp without significant health adversities?

Published in 2012 in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the study suggested that there was a marked difference in health between those who smoked only marijuana and those who smoked marijuana and tobacco. While this is only one study, it points to the fact that further studies may corroborate and support the thesis that cannabis is healthier than tobacco.

A question we’re often asked is; flower or bud of the hemp plant. The experience of smoking the bud is wonderful in and of itself. It’s so aromatic and flavourful. Terpenes are aromatic compounds contained in hemp that give it that wonderful smell which can be quite similar in profile to marijuana.

Does Smoking CBD Damage your Lungs?

Let’s take a look at this question in a little more depth because it is a legitimate concern for people. The potential long-term effects on the lungs are certainly not the same as smoking cigarettes. The full-spectrum CBD offered by hemp has a much safer health profile than nicotine. CBD is believed to have anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant effects which could be the reason for this. These characteristics could perhaps reduce the harmful acts of smoking.

However, it is important to note that the act of smoking anything could potentially lead to respiratory issues.

CBD to Stop Smoking

The other important thing to note about smoking CBD as opposed to tobacco is that it may help you kick your nicotine addiction. In the same way, people turn to vaping as a method of harm reduction, smoking CBD could be a more healthful alternative. You would still be able to perform the act of smoking, which is a very difficult habit to mentally break, yet you would be exchanging harmful nicotine for stress-busting CBD.

How Do You Smoke Hemp?

There are lots of ways to smoke hemp. The easiest, obvious and traditional way would be to obtain smokable hemp and put it in a pipe. You can also roll your own hemp flower cigarettes. Sometimes known as smoking hemp wraps. This can be a little difficult, but once you learn the skill of rolling your own, it’s very satisfying.

You can also buy pre-rolled hemp cigarettes. These are sometimes called hempettes and can either contain pure hemp or a hemp mix. Pure hemp smokes are preferable to most people who don’t like the thought of mixing hemp with other smokable products. In fact, pure hemp smokes are becoming much more widely available if you can’t see yourself smoking hemp wraps you’ve rolled yourself.

However, there are some other ways that aren’t quite as analogue. Did you know that you can get vaporisers that not only vaporise CBD concentrate, they also vaporise CBD bud or hemp flower? Technically this is vaping not smoking, but the effects and benefits of smoking hemp in this way are the same. It’s also thought to be slightly healthier.

In fact, vaporisers are one way in which you can smoke hemp oil, or vape it, as the case may be. CBD oil or hemp oil is derived from the entire hemp plant and is not simply CBD that has been extracted. It’s important to make that distinction if you want to smoke hemp oil and not CBD extract. Smoking hemp oil will let you experience the full range of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. More on those cannabinoids later.

Benefits of Smoking CBD

So, the question we’re posing here isn’t necessarily can you smoke hemp? It’s what benefits will smoking hemp bring you? We know that CBD is a wonderful cannabinoid, but did you know there are lesser-known cannabinoids that may also be beneficial?

Cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabinol (CBN) are three cannabinoids found in hemp that are thought to have many useful properties. Some people associate CBG with helping with digestive problems and eye issues. While CBC is also being studied for its potential pain relief abilities and CBN may have a sedative effect.

This leads us on to something called the entourage effect. Often, we use CBD that has been extracted from the hemp plant which is good. However, it does mean that we don’t get access to the other cannabinoids we discussed above. Whereas, if you consume hemp in its most natural form—in its entirety—you get access to all the cannabinoids it has to offer. The entourage effect means that when you consume hemp in this way, the cannabinoids work better together than alone. They are more powerful in synergy with each other; than when they are extracted and separated from each other.

The other significant benefit of smoking hemp is something called bioavailability. This simply means how quickly it is absorbed into our bloodstream where it begins to work. If you eat CBD, it must first pass through the digestive tract and get broken down by our liver enzymes. When it’s processed in this way, it loses some of its potency by the time it reaches your blood. It also takes much longer to take effect. When you smoke hemp, it reaches the small capillaries in your lungs then goes directly to your bloodstream. This effect is almost instantaneous, and it is more potent. We have a wide range of hemp flowers to choose from.

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Let's examine some of the things we've discussed in brief with a few quick-fire, frequently asked questions. Hopefully, these questions will summarise the main things people want to know about smoking hemp.

Can you smoke hemp?

Absolutely. Smoking hemp is one of the best ways to consume CBD along with lots of other beneficial cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

Why are people smoking hemp?

It's the most fast-acting and potent way to get the benefits of the hemp plant. And by that, we mean the benefits of CBD and all the other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes contained in all-natural, unadulterated hemp

Is smoking hemp damaging to my lungs?

While we can't say definitively that smoking hemp doesn't damage your lungs. We can say that some research has indicated that smoking hemp is much healthier and safer than smoking nicotine products.


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