Is CBD Oil Under the Tongue the Best Way to Take CBD?

CBD experts indicate that taking CBD oil sublingually could be the best consumption method. To take it sublingually, simply place a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue. This might sound simple enough - but is it really the best way to take CBD?

At Fortune Flavours, we consider ourselves purveyors of the finest CBD. Because of this, we want to help you get the most out of your CBD experience. Whether this involves taking CBD oil under the tongue, or finding another way to take it, we're here to help.

While this might sound like a fairly unorthodox idea, is there a method to the madness? Today, we'll answer all your questions about sublingual CBD oil usage.

Why Should I Take CBD Oil Under My Tongue?

With so many other methods available, why should you put CBD oil under your tongue? Taking CBD oil sublingually all comes down to one thing - bioavailability. This means that you could feel the effects far quicker than with other methods.

For example, CBD edibles could take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to take effect. Conversely, a sublingual option could take effect in just 15 minutes. Smoking or vaping CBD is by far the fastest method (ten minutes for the curious); however, smoking isn't for everyone.

Due to its speed and efficacy, the benefits of taking CBD oil under the tongue far outweigh other methods. Therefore, the next time you're picking up a new CBD product, you might want to choose an oil or a tincture!

How Do I Take CBD Oil Sublingually?

Most modern CBD oil options come equipped with a dropper - perfect for sublingual use. While this method might take some getting used to, it's extremely simple. Plus, once you've got it down, there's no looking back.

To take CBD oil sublingually, simply use the dropper to place a few drops under your tongue. The number of drops depends on how much CBD oil you want to take and the tincture strength. Now, hold the oil here for anywhere between a minute and a half to two minutes.

At first, you might want to keep your mouth open during this entire process. While this sounds uncomfortable, it helps position the oil against the membrane under your tongue. As you get more and more comfortable with the process, you'll be able to carry on as normal while holding the CBD oil in your mouth.

After two minutes, feel free to swallow any remaining CBD oil. By doing this, you'll reap all its effects instead of wasting these precious drops.

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Are There Any Downsides to the Sublingual Method?

As with any CBD product, there can be certain downsides to taking CBD oil under your tongue. Thankfully, most of these downsides are easily remedied. Plus, at Fortune Flavours, you've come to the right place; we want to help you overcome these hurdles.

First, administering CBD oil sublingually might be a little awkward. This is especially true if you're a first-time user. After all, trying to figure out proper angles without wasting a drop can be slightly challenging.

To avoid this, we'd recommend using a mirror. Here's where a friend or partner can be of service, too. Ask them to position the dropper so your CBD oil will drop right under your tongue. You can also ask them to count out anywhere from two to five drops.

With a little practice and a little help, you'll be able to do this yourself in no time!

Another issue you could face is CBD oil taste. Most CBD oils can taste bitter, with an oily texture. The taste and texture factor can completely change the sublingual experience from streamlined and easy, to an extremely unpleasant one.

In this case, our advice is to try a number of different CBD oils, changing them around until you find a flavour that works for you. Alternatively, you could opt for the options at Fortune Flavours. Delicately flavoured with neutral carrier oils, our selection isn't oily or heavy, giving you the perfect sublingual option.

How Does Taking CBD Oil Sublingually Compare to Other Methods?

There are several different ways to take CBD oil. For example, you can smoke or vape CBD, opt for edibles, or use CBD topicals. But with all these methods and products available, is CBD oil under the tongue really the best possible way to do things?

Well, yes - but it all depends on what you're looking for. Smokers might want to stick with smoking or vaping CBD, as CBD flower or an e-liquid has an extremely high bioavailability rate. However, smoking CBD isn't for everyone.

Thankfully, if you aren't a smoker, or are trying to quit, you have multiple options to choose from. While you can opt for CBD edibles and topicals, we'd strongly recommend getting an oil that you can place under your tongue.

This is because taken sublingually, CBD oil fairs far better than edibles and topicals.

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How Do These Methods Stack Up?

To show you how these methods stack up against each other, we've put together some handy points. By summarising how long these methods take to work, as well as how much CBD you actually get, we can observe which method works best.

  • Edibles can take up to two hours to take effect, with a potential 20% entering your bloodstream.
  • Topicals can take up to 45 minutes to take effect, with a potential 45% entering your system. However, you should note that the 45% is localised. While it might aid the direct area where it's applied, it will not provide a full-body effect.
  • Smoking or vaping CBD take effect fairly quickly - usually within ten minutes, and about 56% can enter your bloodstream. However, it's important to note that not everyone wants to smoke or vape CBD.
  • Sublingual options work slightly slower than smoking or vaping CBD, clocking in at about 15 minutes. You also get a far higher dose than edibles and topicals, with about 35% taking effect in your bloodstream.

Based on this, we can note that while smoking and vaping could be the quickest way to get a dose of CBD, this might not work for most of us. Therefore, why not opt for the next best thing? A few drops of CBD oil under your tongue could go a very long way, indeed!

How Should I Pick a Sublingual CBD Oil?

Before buying a CBD oil to take under your tongue, keep an eye out for several different factors. First, it's important to understand that not all CBD oils are created equal. For the best possible results, always purchase your CBD products from a reputable manufacturer.

Look for products with their Certificates of Analysis (or COAs), and take a moment to read through them. By doing this, you'll establish that the oil you're about to buy meets all legal guidelines in terms of THC content. The COAs will also tell you whether the oil or tincture contains as much CBD as the label claims.

Additionally, you should also be aware of flavour profiles when it comes to CBD oil. Some CBD oils are unflavoured, which means that they can taste extremely bitter. Others are flavourless, which can be far more palatable, as they don't taste like anything and go down quite easily.

However, if neither of these options appeals to you, you could opt for a flavoured option. These flavour selections range from refreshing, mint-based flavours to sweeter, more fruity options. This could be a far more pleasant sublingual experience - especially for people new to CBD oil.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil to Use Under My Tongue?

At Fortune Flavours, our CBD products are truly unparalleled - from our CBD flower to our edibles. We rigorously test every single product, ensuring that it meets legal guidelines and contains the stated amounts of CBD.

Sourced from Switzerland, we have a hand in the entire process - from seed to sale. Furthermore, the hemp we source is completely organic, with no added pesticides or chemicals. Therefore, with Fortune Flavours, you know that you're getting some of the best CBD in the UK.

Our CBD oil comes in two different strengths; try both and see which works better for you. We also use full-spectrum CBD oil, treating you to all the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids in the hemp plant. Plus, with Fortune Flavours, it's all in the name; our oils taste great, with no bitter aftertaste.

We've also solved the question of how much CBD oil you should use under your tongue. With either strength and dosage, opt for anywhere from two to five drops, each time you use our oils. However, we'd recommend against using more than ten drops a day.

Sublingual CBD: Key Takeaways

Taking CBD oil under your tongue is one of the best ways to avail of its benefits - especially if you don't want to smoke. This is due to its bioavailability rate, as well as how quickly it takes effect. However, it's important to purchase good-quality CBD oil for sublingual use.

For premium options, look no further than the selection at Fortune Flavours. After all, our entire range is made with you in mind! Its the highest quality, for the lowest price!


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